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We enjoyed 3 dinners here.  We only posted here because we really enjoyed this dining experience.  We haven't been here in over 10 years, just stopping in as we passed through the area.  We will definately be coming back even if it is out of our way.
The cod dinner was excellent.  It was light, flaky and moist.  Not overdone or underdone.  The fries and coleslaw were fresh and crisp.  My only regret was squeezing the lemon over the cod.  The kitchen did a great job with the fish.  It's rare that I find a fish dinner done right.
Fettuccine Alfredo was perfect.  Tomato soup was thick, fresh and delicious.  One spoonful left you wanting another. 
The olive burger was made just as I requested.  They have actual olive sauce, not just chopped olives in mayonnaise.   It made the burger perfect.

Melissa D.

Happy Customer

Happy Customers

While the atmosphere was great. And the staff friendly, unfortunately the burger I ordered medium rare was well rare.
And my mother's medium was medium rare ?. And both burger's were a little dry as if the cook placed a weight onto the burger in order to get it out faster. However the meat was nicely seasoned and my homemade chips were thick enough to be fry's I really enjoyed them.
And even though my burger's were not cooked correctly they were still good as far as flavor goes. And I will most likely be going back.

Matthew M.


You sir, are a Rockstar.



Excellent food. Great customer service. Very friendly staff. Thank you to our waiter Bruce, you were awesome and very welcoming. Highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a friendly, courteous staff and excellent quality food.

Mary F.


Me and my hubby's favorite place to just hang out. We love how the staff all know us and make us feel like family. We love the food and the management. If something isn't right they are quick to respond. An over all great bar/restaurant and the best place to go in Newaygo.

Mary M.


We had an amazing time! We felt very welcomed as we enjoyed date night and each other's company! Our waitress was Fabulous and our food was over-the-top delish! I had a medium rare, deluxe burger with the works and a side of the most delicious deep fried mushrooms! Chey had an equally delish chicken strip basket with fries! Everything was perfect! Thank you for giving us such a wonderful experience and peaceful date night!

Adam L.


Food was great, had a hard time choosing what to order... I'll be back to try more, such unique things on the menu. Awesome burger (Kitchen Sink) and onion rings!

Tasha M.


Really great food and amazing
Customer service! This place is great all around

Javier M.


First time eating at Jimmy's, waiter was friendly as can be. I ordered the Triple Pig with onion rings and it was fantastic! Would recommend to friends!

Tyler T.

We have the best burger and taco ever! must eat spot

Taylor T.

Took my fiance there for his birthday dinner. The waitresses were really friendly. The cook was so helpful and very very friendly. The food was AMAZING!!

Melissa B.

Very friendly, welcoming service! Love the menu. Great options for seafood, vegetarian and steaks, Mexican, even a sushi grade ahi tuna! They have a pretty extensive kid's menu -- my son loves fish and fries, so I wish that was on the kid's menu, but it is the only one on there! They have fun one and 2-person games. Nice casual atmosphere.

Mary B.

Absolutely wonderful place to eat and not just because it's a nice place or because the staff are very pleasant. But because their food is fanominal. They have the best BBQ. Alot of places sell a BBQ bacon burger but not like this. The meat is tender and juicy. The bacon is high quality. The BBQ sauce is uniquely delicious. They also have the best fried pickles I've ever had any where.

Justin R.